Introducing Monso Water

In one smart system, you can enjoy purified, boiled or cold water instantly with the push of a button

A water system designed to help you live a healthy, convenient and sustainable life

Expertly designed for the decorative kitchens

How it works

1. Start Your Rental With

Only One Click

2. Expert Installation At
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3. Instant Pure Water

When You Want, When You Need

4. Maintenance In Comfort

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Monso's Advanced Filtration System ensures pure taste

Our unique reverse osmosis filtration and purification process includes three separate water filters. A water purifier that removes all the bad components you can find in tap water and helps prevent limescale build-up.

The result? Delicious, pure water for you and your family to enjoy.

Instant Pure Water;
When you want it,
When you need it

One of our expert engineers connects to the water line, so there's no need to refill the Monso Water Purifiers. It also frees up valuable space in your refrigerator because you don't have to buy plastic bottles when you go to the grocery store every week.

Just press a button to instantly get ambient, hot or cold water, whenever you want at any temperature, so you can enjoy the hassle-free hydration benefits.

Monso Water Purifiers, for healthy families all around the UK

Our water purifier range is designed to help maintain good health by encouraging your whole family to drink more water. We asked our customers that 92% of them have been drinking water regularly since Monso Water Purifier was installed. Don't forget to check out our top tips for drinking more water.

Also to prevent any accidents and keep your kids safe, Monso Water Purifiers have a smart child lock to lock the hot button.

Save the Green Planet with our Monso Water Purifiers

When the Monso Water Purifier is not in use, the Smart Indoor Sleep Mode deactivates the Monso Water Purifier, turns on the eco mode, and automatically saves energy. In fact, independent experiments show that our water purifier has 32% more energy than a domestic kettle.

In addition to that, our Monso Water Purifiers helps avoid the need for millions of disposable plastic water bottles!

Check out our article about plastic pollution that explain why it's so crucial for our environment.